Shutter My Timbers - Choosing Color

How do you choose the colors you will use in your craft projects?  As a designer, I am always choosing colors for my projects.  Many times, the colors I choose depend on what look I am trying to achieve.  If I need a client’s project to look romantic, I need to choose romantic colors.  If it’s for artwork on a package, that artwork needs to pop and get the customer’s eyes.  I choose colors based on the viewer of the art and what I am trying to achieve with my artwork. What mood I am trying to evoke or set.

So, you are not a professional craft designer, how do you know what colors to use?  Many times just go with your gut.  But, why not look to the experts?  Check out the magazines at your local store.

There are times when you are in the grocery store and you see the magazine at the checkout counters.  They all have a color scheme.  Make note of it and then go home and try out that color scheme.  Keep a journal of color schemes that are interesting to you.  The magazine picked those colors so they could capture your attention.  So, why not use what they know when creating your own project?

This heart was inspired by a magazine that had this pretty lemon pie which was sitting on a blue and white tablecloth.  The dish, of course, was white.  Inspired by that cover, I made this heart.  There is a fresh, clean look about the heart. This is the same pattern that I used last Thursday, but this color scheme gives the heart a whole new and fresh look. 

Oh, the title, Shutter My Timbers… It’s from the shutters I used to photograph the heart.   What can I say, sometimes I am inspired by pirate movies!

Tomorrow: Wax On!

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