Altered Art - Quick and Easy!

There is a cooking show on TV that shows you how to alter packaged foods so they seem homemade.  You can do the same in your crafting life.  After all, who said crafting has to take hours?  Altered art can take any form.  It’s just about changing appearances.


Recently, I fell in love with a bracelet from a local discount store.  However, it just didn’t have enough bling for me.  I mean, who doesn’t love sparkle and shine?

Walmart carries Cousin® jewelry supplies and I knew they would have jewelry-grade crystals by Cousin®.   The crystals would add the sparkle for which I was looking. Can't find them at Walmart or other stores? Check out the Cousin® website. 

Gluing the crystals took no time at all.  I’ll let you in on a little secret that I use when applying crystals.  I use a kneaded eraser.  You can find the erasers in the drawing depart of craft stores. 

Just shape the eraser into a point and then use it to pick up the crystals and transfer them onto your project.  I’ve tried other methods and this is favorite — by far.

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  1. I love that cuff bracelet!! What "discount store"??? I want one!

  2. Burlington Coat Factory. They are on the East Coast, not sure where else they would be. You can do a Google Search.


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