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This is my idea for a fun fall bracelet! 

 Altered Bracelet by Carol Heppner
Fall is around the corner and this project will transform a plain plastic bracelet into a fun bracelet that will take you throughout the fall season.  This is a great way to update old bracelets that you already have around the house.

This bracelet was inspired by "Women of the Appian Way" article I wrote for Somerset Studio a few years ago.  

 The gold-platted leaf that is the focal point of this bracelet is from a Salvation Army find.  It was an old necklace that had see its better days and it was very inexpensive. 

You will be surprised to learn that it was attached to the bracelet with the Kool Tak™ ¼ x ¼-inch Clear Foam tape.  Yes, the tape is that strong and I didn't have to wait for glue to dry. 

The Layer Perfect helped me equally space the same square-shaped tape around the top and bottom of the bracelet.  This gives the bracelet a finished look.  Layer Perfect has equally-spaced holes to help you line up and position all types of things.  

Once I was ready to place the square-shaped tape around the bracelet, I just placed the Layer Perfect over the bracelet and rolled it around the bracelet.  It was easy peasy and allowed me to place the squares in just the right place.  

Kool Tak™ Layer Perfect Tool
Kool Tak™ Shiny Transfer Foil Sheets (Earth Tones)
Kool Tak™ Clear Foam tape ¼ x ¼ x 1/32” thick
Kool Tak™ Clear Foam tape 3/16 x 1/16 thick
Kool Tak™ Premium EXTREME 2 ½
White plastic bracelet blank


Place the 2 ½  Kool Tak™ Premium EXTREME tape around the center of the plastic bracelet and then add the tape to the top and bottom halves of the bracelet. Remove the protective paper on the tape to expose the sticky tape.

Randomly apply the gold foil on the tape.  Cover 90 percent of the tape with the gold foil.  Use the dark brown foil on the remaining 10 percent of the tape.

Place the 3/16 x 1/16 thick Kool Tak™ Clear Foam tape around the upper part and lower part of the bracelet.  Because this bracelet has a rustic look, the tape was applied in an uneven pattern.  Cover the tape with the black foil.  Use the brown tape on any remaining exposed areas of the tape.

Use the Kool Tak™  Layer Perfect Tool to mark where you will apply the ¼ x ¼-inch Kool Tak™ Clear Foam tape squares.  I used a fine-tip black marker in the Layer Perfect Tool holes to mark where I would place the squares.  For me, my measurement was every third hole in the Layer Perfect.

Apply the ¼ x ¼-inch Kool Tak™ Clear Foam tape squares in a diamond pattern around the top and bottom of the bracelet.  Place the black foil on the squares. Use the gold foil to cover any remaining exposed areas on the tape.

Apply the same tape squares in the center of the bracelet. Apply black foil on some of the squares and gold on other squares.  Add blue-colored crystals to the center squares.  I wanted a random look to my crystals, so I did not line them up perfectly. 

Use the ¼ x ¼-inch Kool Tak™ Clear Foam tape to attach the focal piece to the front of the bracelet.  You can use old pieces that you find in thrift stores or at flea markets or purchase a pretty charm from your local craft store. 

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  1. I really love the bracelet - great project!

  2. This is cool! Never would have thought of that!

  3. Cool! And I just happen to have one of those bracelet blanks......

  4. What a great idea! I have several of those that belonged to my mother and now I have incentive to create new art!

  5. Wow Carol! You really are the Queen! I would not have thought to do this at all!!!

  6. Great blog hop Carol! I went through it all. What great projects. Congratulations!!!

  7. Cool bracelet, with alot of potential for all the seasons. Need to find that Kooltak. Makes it all look so easy!

  8. Ooh cool!! What a great idea to add the gold color by adding foil to a plain plastic cuff!

  9. Love your bracelet Carol! Great job and so clever!

  10. Beautiful bracelet Carol- love it!


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