Cricut™ Mini

Happy Thanksgiving! 

As a blogger, I am asked to review different products and publications.  I was thrilled when Cricut™ contacted me and asked me to test their new Cricut™ Mini.  The Cricut™ Mini is a portable, lightweight cutting machine that easily traveled with me around the house.  Having a laptop, I work in different areas of my home and the Cricut™ Mini was a dream to take along in my journey.

I even took the Cricut™ Mini to my mom’s when I went to visit her.  I loved that I did not have to drag dies with me.  I just brought the machine and the paper we would use. 

When I received the machine, I loaded the Cricut™ Craft Room Software, which is on the Cricut™ website, and then I hooked the Cricut™ Mini to my laptop.  It was a very easy process.  The Cricut™ Mini comes with pre-loaded graphic but you can also purchase other graphic on their website. 

Needing a quick Thanksgiving card, I used the free images that came with the machine.  It was a breeze to create this card.  Like you, I do not have a lot of time for crafting for myself.  Therefore, having a machine that can help me create a card in seconds was a joy. 

They even have samples online for some great Thanksgiving ideas.

The machine uses 8.5-inch paper and the software will tell you the cutting setting and pressure setting you need for the paper you select. 
This machine is able to cut a variety of different materials (i.e. vinyl, craft foil, fabric) and has hundreds of shapes.  They have many designs and cutting cartridges available for download on Provo Craft’s Project Center.  The cutting knife is super easy to change. 

My card was made in seconds.  I just picked out my design; put the paper into the machine, pressed cut (in the software) and the design was cut.  I just glued the cut shapes and text to the front of my card. Added some crystals and the card was made. It could not have been easier.

Make sure to visit the Cricut™ website and check out the Cricut™ Mini.  I love it and you will too.  Black-Friday Door Buster


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  1. I wish I had enough to buy a cricket! I am saving up, but my daughter-n-law wanted one first, so maybe she would share! Happy Holidays!


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