Summer Baking

It is always fun to make chocolate-chip cookies and Pillsbury just made it more fun for me.  They now have gluten-free chocolate-chip cookie dough.  So, I can make cookies in a snap.

While they are delicious, my goal was to make cookies for a photo shoot.  The cooking took very little time and I was ready to take my photographs as soon as the cookies cooled.  I wanted to share my top tips for photographing your baked goods so these cookies, while they lasted, were my photographic subject for the day.

Photographing food is an art and if not done right, it can look unappetizing.  Many stylist have tricks they use to make the food in magazines look wonderful.  You do not have to go to great lengths to share your home-baked goods with your friends on the internet.

Here are my five tips for photographing your baked-goods for the internet.

  • Get in close.  You want to make sure your baked items are front and center as I did with these cookies.  There is no mistaking that the cookies are the main subject of this photo.
  • Photograph your best baked item.  Pick out the baked goods that look the best and work with them.  If it means that it is only one cookie, then work with the one cookie.  After all, if the baked item doesn't look great before you take the photograph, it will not look great after you take the photograph.
  • Avoid cluttered backgrounds.  You want your friends to focus on the food and not what you have on your table or kitchen counter.   A simple background will help you keep your baked-goods the star of the show.
  • Photograph in natural light when possible.  Natural light brings out the beauty of the subject and you won’t have to worry about adjusting the light balance of too yellow a light from kitchen lights.
  • Keep shadows light by making sure your light source is filtered.  If you are photographing your work near an opened door and you are getting shadows that are too harsh, move your photo shoot father away from the door so the light isn't as strong.  The stronger the light, the harsher the shadows. 

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