Birthday Cakes

Yes, I’m a mixed-media artist. But, I’ve always wanted to work with cakes; so, this year I decided to make my own birthday cake. Inspired by the show, Ace of Cakes, I knew crystals were just the thing to capture the lights from the candles.

This was my first time working with fondant and it was fun. I started with white fondant and dyed it pink for the scalloped top. Because I really didn’t have days to pipe the icing and create an elaborate design, I kept it simple. The cake was placed on a white cake stand.

Next time, I am thinking about doing an ‘all white cake’ with real white flowers around the base, something that screams summer white.


  1. Not only is this a stunning first fondant cake, but the photograph is delicious as well! I, too love to make special cakes every so often. I even made a tier for a friend's wedding and my 'extra wedding reception' held at my MIL's. It's beautiful, Carol...and Happy Belated Birthday!!
    Hugs, Laura

  2. For first time decorating a cake, it looked like a professional baker made the cake.

    How did the cake taste?

    Happy belated Birthday.


  3. Glad that you liked the look of it. While I am not fond of fondant, my mom loved the taste of the fondant. The cake tasted great. It was a gluten-free cake since I can't eat or touch gluten (protein in wheat, rye, barley, and oats). Thanks for asking!


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