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Wishing you a very Happy New Year!  
May it be filled with creativity and crafting possibilities! 

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Love Greeting Card

This week's project is a fun greeting card.  The stamped used is a favorite of mine from Stampers' Anonymous and a text stamp.

Stamp a text image (I used a script stamp from Stampers' Anonymous) on to a 4 by 6-inch Bristol paper with black ink.  Next, use an embossing ink and gold embossing powder to create the stone-collage image over the stamped text.

Use a gray marker to color in parts of the image.  Apply a medium brown ink around the edges of the Bristol paper and then apply a darker brown ink at the very edge of the paper.

Place a antique brass brad on each of the four corners of the stamped paper.

Place letter stickers (L,O,V,E) onto metal circles (many different companies sell metal circles and can be found at craft stores) and then glue the back of the metal circles onto paper clips. Tie a blue ribbon to the first paper clip.  Glue the paper clips to the face of the stamped paper.

Attach this stamped paper to a 5 by 7-inch, folded cardstock.  I used watercolor paper for this card.

Create another paper clip by threading beads onto a paper clip and then gluing a heart charm to the top of the paper clip.  Glue this paper clip to the card.

Glue a 1/8 by 5-inch strip of black paper above and also below the stamped paper.

Next Monday

Make sure to visit my blog next Monday when I am part of the Designer Craft Connections Blog Hop.  My project will show you what you can do with a cereal box and a bit of creativity!

Look forward to seeing you next Monday!

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