Serendipitous - A surprising turn of events!

Life is always full of surprises.  That’s what I love about walking the floor at the Craft and Hobby Association (CHA) Trade Show and Conference.  Chance meetings creates new bonds and working relationships. 

I met all of my clients through CHA and enjoy working with them.  And, last week I was working on a project for one of my clients.  I was using their product to embellish a store-bought item.  Everything was going great until….. The piece slipped from my fingers and fell — but not before hitting the side of the table.  Had it not hit the table, it would have landed on soft carpeting.  The table broke the project. Little did I know at that time that the accident would set off a series of fortunate events.

The next morning, my Mom and I ventured back to the store to replace what was now broken.  I never have to ask my mom twice to come out with me.  She’s always been my best friend, so it’s fun being with her.  (fortunate event: spending time with Mom.)

We get to the store and then I immediately pick up a replacement for what I broke.  (fortunate event: they had more in stock)

Mom and I decide to walk about the store and check out their products.  As we are walking, I spot a display of dress forms.  Mom, of course, keeps walking — but the tiny sign sitting at the base of the display has my full attention.  This display was not here when I last visited the store.

Fortunate Event: The dress forms were for sale for a very, very, very low price.  I have wanted a dress form for a long time, but just didn’t want to purchase a new one. And, this dress form was high quality. In disbelief, I asked a sales person if they were really for sale at that price.  Which, she confirmed.  So, I grabbed the best “pick of the litter” and headed for the register.  Yes, I did forget that Mom was still shopping.  (Make a mental note: Never forget you are shopping with Mom.)

Mom did join me at the register and was also impressed with the dress form.  

Moral of the story:  Serendipity is such a pleasant surprise.  Make the best from chance encounters and broken projects.  After all, had I not dropped my project, I would never enjoy owning my own dress form — and enjoyed a fun day with my Mom.

Tomorrow:  What will you pin? 

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